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Shane Dye ends stint in Mauritius

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Thursday, 9 September 2010:

Champion jockey Shane Dye is weighing up an offer to continue his career in India after severing ties with racing in Mauritius.

Dye has parted company with trainer Rameshwar Gujadhur - his second split with a Mauritius stable in the space of two months.

"The association between (the) Rameshwar Gujadhur Stable and Shane Dye has come to an end," a Mauritius Turf Club website report said.

"In fact, the stable trainer has declared that he has decided to part company with Shane Dye without elaboration on the reasons for his decision."

Ian Paterson, the former Australian steward who has worked in Mauritius for the past three years, confirmed Dye would no longer be riding in the island nation.

"I have spoken to Shane and he has been made a lucrative offer to ride in Mumbai," Paterson told AAP.

"He told me he is still tossing up the offer."

Dye moved to Mauritius last year when he failed to reignite his career in Sydney after eight years riding in Hong Kong.

Linking with the successful Gilbert Rousset stable, Dye won the Mauritius jockeys' title with 29 winners. He is sixth in this year's premiership race.

Dye split with Rousset to ride for Gujadhur but could only ride one winner for his new stable in a seven-meeting stint.

Paterson said Dye's renowned flamboyance in the saddle was often seen - if not always understood - by the local racing scene.

"There were times (during Dye's stay) where Mauritius had never seen the type of riding tactics he employed," the steward said.

"Mauritius is a small track and the rails is always the favoured spot with the locals.

"But as soon as it would rain, Shane would go five wide because he had walked the track and the locals hadn't seen that before.

"He definitely brought a new professionalism to racing here."

Dye, who turns 44 this month, left Sydney in 2009 as the most successful Group One jockey riding in Australia.

The New Zealand-born jockey became a favourite with Australian punters after winning the 1989 Melbourne Cup on Tawrrific and became the king of racing's babies winning the world's richest two-year-old race, the Golden Slipper, four years in row from 1989 to 1992.

He was no stranger to controversy during his Australian career, confirmed by the scrutiny - which continues to this day - over his beaten Caulfield Cup ride on Veandercross in 1992.

Dye was involved in a serious race fall in Hong Kong in 2006 but amazed doctors when he returned to the saddle three months later.

He is believed to be holidaying with his son Nicholas as he decides on his immediate future.


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 Posted by Group 1, on 11-9-2010  12:25:51 PM

Postillions who continually punt heavily eventually lose the confidence of most trainers and owners ”

 Posted by Observant, on 11-9-2010  9:44:01 AM

Injuries caused Shane''s Problems when last in Australia.. He had a bad time over a year.
No doubt the best rider since George Moore and anyone who knocks him should just read his record.
Shane Dye is one of the most honest and decent humans who has been on a racecource ”

 Posted by oldhand, on 10-9-2010  9:45:06 PM

such a shame that Australian trainers gave the guy away and he had to battle for rides here.
Horse racing is a thankless game for jockeys once they lose favour, ie Darren Gouchi, Michael Clarke, Billy Dye and etc etc the list goes on.
Unfortunately his flamboyance seems to have worn thin now, Australia''s answer to Frankie Dettori has to have to consider India to make a dollar these days.....shameful!
I just wish I could obtain some very good horses to set the guy up again here in Australia.
Ok he made a critical riding area on Vandercross in 1992, forget about it, even murderers are forgiven for their mistake for christs sake give Billy a break, get over it! why do people and the media keep bringing this up. ”

 Posted by Dutchey, on 10-9-2010  11:11:42 AM

Give it away Shane. We don''t want to hear that you have a bad fall on some crock at some cow paddock.

Return and take a gig in the media. If the Kenny & Richie Calendar''s can get their ugly heads on the telly and talk crap, surely Dye would be a welcome change. ”

 Posted by J.V., on 9-9-2010  9:47:45 PM

India! My goodness how the mighty hath fallen ”

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